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The Face of God is looking down on the Island of Leyte, Philippines

Photo Credit: Zr Custodio, taken August 30, 2014  5:30PM
Photo Credit: Zr Custodio, taken August 30, 2014  5:30PM

This photo is taken by Zr Custodio, during sunset in their place, according to him the Island fronting them is the Island of Leyte. Noticed the cloud formation having lit with sunlight, amazingly creates an optical image as the Face of GOD, looking down on an Island.

Recently the world turned their attention to the Philippines, when the strongest, and most devastating storm Yolanda (Haiyan) hit the area of Leyte, thousands of lives were lost and thousands had left homeless because of that super typhoon. This image could be a message that God is always looking at us with full of compassion and mercy, that God never forget his people in the Philippines, especially the survivors of the super typhoon. Let us just pray for continued recovery and welfare of the people in that place, that eventually they will forget the heart crashing tragedy they experienced and moving onward for the betterment of their lives and continue their journey to live and experience the love of God in their heart. May God bless us always.

Let me share to you the lyrics of song "The Face of God"

To see the face of God is my heart’s desire 

to gaze upon the Lord is my one desire

For God so loved the world 

He gave His son, 

His only be gotten son

And they shall call him Emmanuel,

The prince of peace,

The hope of all the world


Emmanuel, Emmanuel, Emmanuel 
May this be our desire everyday of our lives. 

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