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I Can Handle It Lyrics Steven Furtick

Today is a new day.
It will bring brand new blessings and brand new battles.
But within every uncertainty there is hidden possibility.
So I don't dread any challenge that lies ahead
Because I remember all the victories behind.
And my confidence is not in my circumstance.
The Spirit of God is my supply.
I'm steady under pressure and I'm ready for whatever
Cause whatever comes my way today, the outcome is "I overcome".
Christ is in me, I am enough.
I can handle it.

I can't afford to stay afraid or let me faith hesitate.
My purpose is at stake and He who called me is faithful.
His strength in me is greater than any pain I feel or enemy I face.
The promise of God is mine for the taking.
Every plan He has made is guaranteed to come to pass.
It will happen.
If I don't back down, if I won't let go
It will happen.
If I don't stop short, if I won't sell out
It will happen by faith.
But faith doesn't take the fear away
It teaches me to fight it.
So bring the battle, I'm ready now.
I got something for Goliath.
I can handle it.

My power flows from Presence so I won't stay stuck in what was or worry about what will be
My regrets have been redeemed
And my tests have become my lessons
My focus is fixed and my heart is expectant
I'm set, I'm not nervous about what's next.
Cause my eyes are on the throne
I trust the One who's in complete control
The One who already knows how He's gonna to work it according to His purpose.
Even the worst situations are sure to turn in my favor
If I keep moving forward, keep moving toward Him.
God is with me in this moment
And whatever happens, I can handle it.

I know my help comes from above,
So if fear insists on knocking, I'll meet it at the door.
Life might give me bad news but I've still got a good report- I can handle it.
If I fall, if I fail, I'll handle it.
Grace will give me what it takes to carry on.
I can handle it.

I have humbled myself under the mighty hand of God.
Christ is in me, I am enough
And when the time is right, He'll lift me up.
Until then, the lion may roar but I see his leash.
So I'll keep moving forward cause I've been down before
But my hope knows how to bounce back from rock bottom.

What I need, God's got it!
And I'm stronger, I'm better,
It's settled, I'm ready.
I'm focused, I'm hopeful,
No hiding, I'm ready.
I'm stronger, I'm better,
It's settled, I'm ready.
I'm focused, I'm hopeful,
No hiding, I'm ready.
I'm stronger, I'm better,
It's settled, I'm ready.
Resilient, dependent,
I know He'll deliver.
I'm strong and courageous.
The One who is able
is greater than all.
Bring it on!
In His name,
I can handle it.

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