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For Victims of Natural Disasters

For Victims of Natural Disasters
Gracious God, I pray for the victims of this disaster,
Lord, that you would comfort the lives that were spared Lord,
and that you would take care of those who perished.

Lord, please bless those who are doing everything they can
to help these people and also make sure that things run smoothly in repairing this great community.
Please help the victims to have patience and also help family members to be reunited.

Lord, I pray that you will ensure that the victims do not come under any illnesses from this disaster,
and I also pray that they get enough food and clean water and proper shelter for everyone.
Lord, please touch the hearts of the world to continue to pray for these people
and also to donate whatever they can to help rebuild this wonderful country .
Lord , only you can make miracles happen and I am asking for one now. Amen.

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