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Real Estate Page: Our World Properties

Mr. Billy Schwandt founded the company Our World Properties a Christian based company, made to serve the Lord and with the profound purpose in bringing the poor to Jesus. Our World Properties is only a marketing company and markets real estate properties that the price is already set and has no reflection on the selling price. Our World properties will also do everything it can to help you with getting the best price on the property you are interested in.  The company is sponsoring orphan children thru the Gospel of Asia in every sales they made, so if you buy any property in their listing, you’ll be able to help their mission in serving the Lord and not only that you’ll be able to help the less fortunate young children improve their way of life.

Our World Properties markets properties around to World in 14 Countries which includes the Philippines, Los Cobos Mexico, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Spain, Thailand and a lot more.

For more information please see the contact details below;

Mobile No. (01) 763-350-4088
Land Line: (01) 651-315-8299
SKYPE: billyiis
Twitter: @Billbobagons


Search Your Favorite Songs