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Christmas Past Lyrics By:Jose Marie Chan

The sound of bells at early dawn
Like music from afar
Soft gentle breeze, the world at peace
A solitary star

Those joyful hymns and warm hellos
The candycanes and colored bows
All these and love are memories of
My Christmas past

Those wondrous toys of girls and boys
The cheer that Santa brings
That glorious tale of sheperd boys
Of angels and of kings

A christmas tree with lights aglow
Some cotton snow and mistletoe
All these and love are memories of
My Christmas past

Silver and gold, red and green
Colors of a wonderful scene
Memories they keep returning
And I’m like a child again

If there’s a place in time and space
Where christmas past has gone
I’ll surely try if I could fly
To see that early dawn

And share again that Christmas past
With all those who have gone
But those memories will forever live
within my heart.

1 comment:

simply kim said...

oh, this is nice, but i like 'Perfect Christmas' more, it is also by Jose Marie Chan..

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