Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

O Lord, I pray that in my home, peace, quiet and well being may prevail under the shadows of Your Holy mantle.  Bless and protect, O Lord, my endeavors,  my enterprises, and all those who depend on me and everything that I long for and desire.  Banish from my mind and my heart false ideas and evil sentiments.  Infuse in me a love of my neighbor and grant me the means to help him.  Give me resignation and fortitude of spirit in time of adversity, so that I may rise above the contradictions of life.  Guide and protect, O Lord, my own who are exposed to the dangers and contingencies of the world.  Do not forget, O my Jesus, our loved ones with whom we are united in life and whose departure from this earth caused us sorrow, at the same time consoled by the thought that, because they remained faithful to You, You did not abandon them at the hour of death.  Have pity on them, O Lord, and bring them their eternal glory in heaven.  Amen.

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mikexplorer said…
Have a happy weekend to you. Keep posting.