St.Mark the Evangelist

St.Mark the Evangelist

The patron of Venice and Glaziers

Feast Day of Saint Mark

The Feast Day of Saint Mark is April 25th. The origin of Feast Days: most saints have specially designated feast days and are associated with a specific day of the year and these are referred to as the saint's feast day. The feast days first arose from the very early Christian custom of the annual commemoration of martyrs on the dates of their deaths at the same time celebrating their birth into heaven.

The Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark, although anonymously written, is traditionally attributed to Saint Mark the Evangelist. The Gospel of Mark narrates the life of Jesus starting with his meeting with John the Baptist to the crucifixion and the Ascension. Mark did not personally witness any of the events detailed in the Gospel but as a follower of Peter he documented what Peter had told him.

Death of Saint Mark
There are two categories of saints: martyrs and confessors. A Christian martyr is regarded as one who is put to death for his Christian faith or convictions. Confessors are people who died natural deaths. Date of Death: Saint Mark died in A.D. 68. Cause of Death: Natural Causes.

The Story and History of Saint Mark
The story and history of Saint Mark. Pentapolis, North Africa, is believed to be where Saint Mark the Evangelist was born. His family moved to Jerusalem where Mark was well educated. His mother became one of the earliest converts to Christianity whilst living in Jerusalem. The disciples of Jesus were welcomed into her house and this is where Mark met Peter, Paul and Barnabas. Mark did not witness all of the events surrounding the life of Jesus but he documented details of his life in the Gospel of Mark, as told to him by Saint Peter. Mark is, however, believed to be one of the servants at the Marriage at Cana who poured out the water that Jesus turned to wine. After the death of Jesus Mark travelled with Peter to Rome and then, following the death of Peter, traveled with Paul and his cousin Barnabas to Cypress on their evangelist missions. Saint Mark the Evangelist died in 68AD of natural causes.

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