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1 Corinthians 13 lyrics

Though I speak with the tongue
Of men and of angels
Though I speak with the tongue of gold
And have not love, And have
Not love I am become like a sounding brass
Or a tinkling cymbal.
And if I have the gift of prophecy
Understanding every mystery
And my faith were so strong
I could move every mountain
But have not love, but have
Not love I count for nothing.

Love suffers long and love is kind
Envies not, vaunts not itself
Love does not seek his own
But that of his beloved.
Though I give my possessions
To feed the poor
Till I be myself rendered
Though I give my body to
Be burned
But have not love yea even this
Will profit nothing.
Love rejoices not in iniquity
Love rejoices in the truth
Love bears everything,
Love believes everything
Hopes everything
Love endures for always.

Refrain 2:
And now abide faith, hope and love
Now abide faith,
Hope and love.
These three abide for always
But the greatest is love!

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