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Celtic Alleluia Lyrics (Advent, Christmas day, Holy Family, Epiphany, Easter Vigil, Easter, Pentecost, Wedding, Feast of Mary)

By Christopher Walker, Fintan O’Carroll

Alleluia, alleluia.
Alleluia, alleluia.

1. Speak, Lord, your servant is list’ning.
Speak your words of wisdom,
for the words you speak
are everlasting life.

2. The Word of the Lord lasts forever.
What is the word that is living?
It is brought to us
through God’s Son: Jesus Christ.

3. “Father of all, you are blessed,
creator of earth and heaven,
for the mysteries
of the Kingdom shown to children.”

4. “I call you friends,” says the Lord,
“you who are my disciples.
I make known to you
all I’ve learned from my Father.”

5. “The sheep of my flock,” says the Lord,
“hearing my voice, will listen.
They will follow me,
for I know them; they are mine.”

6. The Word of the Lord is alive.
The Word of the Lord is active.
It can judge our thoughts,
bring us closer to the Father.

7. “Even if you have to die,
close to my Word keep faithful:
for your faithfulness
I will give you the crown of life.”

Alternate Verses

Stay awake, pray at all times,
praying that you may be strengthened,
that with confidence
you can meet the Son of Man.

Christmas Day
“I bring you news of great joy,
joy for all nations,
for today is born
our savior, Christ the Lord.”

Holy Family
The Word of God became flesh
and came to dwell among us.
All accepting him
will become children of God.

A holy day has dawned.
Adore the Lord, you nations,
for today a light
has come on the earth.

Easter Vigil
1. Now he is living, the Christ.
Out of the tomb he is risen;
he has conquered death,
opened heaven to all believers.

2. Christ is the firstfruits from death,
filling the church with his glory!
Darkness vanishes
in the light of his power.

1. Give thanks to the Lord, who is good.
The love of the Lord knows no ending.
All in Israel say,
“God’s love has no end.”

2. The right hand of God raised me up.
The hand of the Lord has triumphed.
I shall never die,
I shall live, telling God’s deeds.

3. The stone which the builders rejected,
becomes the cornerstone chosen.
Praise the work of God
for this marvel in our eyes.

Come, Holy Spirit.
Fill the hearts of your faithful
and enlighten them
with the fire of your love.

1. If we love one another,
if we love one another,
God will live in us,
and that love will be strong.

2. All those who live in love
with God are united,
for they live with God
and God lives in them.

3. Dear friends, God is love.
So let us love one another.
Being one with God,
as God loves us, let us love.

Feasts of Mary
Hail: full of grace,
Mary, most blessed among women;
who believed that it
would be as God promised.

Te Deum (Song of Thanksgiving, from the Liturgy of the Hours)
1. Father, we praise you as Lord,
all of the earth gives you worship,
for your majesty
fills the heavens, fills the earth.

2. Blessed apostles sing praise;
prophets and martyrs give glory:
“For your majesty
praise the Spirit, praise the Son!”

3. You are the Christ everlasting,
born for us all of a Virgin,
you have conquered death,
opened heaven to all believers.

4. Help those you saved by your blood,
raise them to life with your martyrs.
Save your people, Lord,
as their ruler raise them up.

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Jacob said…
what tunes are suggested for these words?
Jacob said…
what tunes are suggested for these words?
Unknown said…
The Celtic Alleluia or Irish Alleluia, by Fintan O’Carroll