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We Remember (How You Loved us) Video and Lyrics

By Marty Haugen


We remember how you loved us to your death,
and still we celebrate, for you are with us here; 
And we believe that we will see you when you come, 
in your glory, Lord, we remember, we celebrate, we believe. 

Here, a million wounded souls are 
yearning just to touch you and be healed; 
Gather all your people, and hold them to your heart. 
Repeat Refrain

Verse 2
Now we recreate your love we 
bring the bread and wine to share a meal; 
Sign of grace and mercy, the presence of the Lord. 

Repeat Refrain

Verse 3
Christ, the Father’s great "Amen"
to all the hopes and dreams of every heart; 
Peace beyond all telling, and freedom from all fear.
Repeat Refrain

Verse 4
See the face of Christ revealed in 
ev’ry person standing by your side; 
Gift to one another, and temples of your love.
Repeat Refrain

We Remember (How You Loved us) Video and Lyrics

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