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Home Lyrics - Planetshakers

Now, my heart is open now
Your love advances, breaks my defenses down
Go, Jesus Iʼm letting go
Your grace is greater than every failure
Now Iʼm coming

Home, I know I am home
Safe within my Savior’s arms
Right back where I belong
Home, Iʼm forgiven, home
I hear Heaven’s angels sing
Father You welcome me

Fall, Father You broke my fall
Your mercy found me, wrapped arms around me
Now Iʼm coming
Now Iʼm running

Iʼm running, running, into Your arms
Iʼm running, running, into Your heart
Your presence is my home
Iʼm running, running, hands lifted high
Iʼm running, running, heart open wide
Your presence is my home

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