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Arise, Shine Out! Lyrics - David Haas

Verse 1
Arise, shine out, your light has come!
Awaken your sad and weary eyes!
A song in the distance has begun,
The City of God born from the skies!

Verse 2
Arise, shine out, come and rejoice!
The music of life sings of the new day!
The dance of the spirit; freedom's voice
Is moving within to guide our way!

Verse 3
Arise, shine out, and dry your tears!
Our God has conquered gloom and fright!
For on this day new dawn appears;
Be born again! Walk in the light!

Verse 4
Arise, shine out, bring bread and wine!
Come gather around the table of dreams!
And share the story, let it shine,
For in this place God's kingdom sings!

Verse 5
Arise, shine out, tell all the land,
That hatred and violence now shall cease!
Together in hope, and hand in hand,
We'll live God's mercy, love and peace

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