The Sun Is Rising Lyrics - Britt Nicole

The Sun Is Rising Lyrics - Britt Nicole

When life has cut too deep and left your hurting
The future you had hoped for is now burning
And the dreams you held so tight have lost their meaning
And you don't know if you'll ever find the healing

You're gonna make it
You're gonna make it
The night can only last for so long
Whatever you're facing
If you heart is breaking
There's a promise for the ones who just hold on
Lift up your eyes and see
The sun is rising

Every high and every low you're gonna go through
You won't have to be afraid, I am with you
In the moments you're so weak you feel like stopping
Let the hope you have light the road you're walking

Even when you can't imagine how
How you ever gonna find your way out
Even when you're drowning in your doubt
Just look beyond the clouds
The sun is rising.

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