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For My Good And For His Glory Lyrics

I must admit I don't understand,
Why God would let me face this painful circumstance,
All I have to cling to is His word and His name,
But that's enough so I will trust

It's for my good and for his glory,
This trial's not the end of the story,
There's a bigger picture God alone can see,
Faith will take me through this sorrow
For I know he hold tomorrow,
And he assures me, it's for my good and for His Glory

I love the Lord and he has promised me,
He'll work all things for good,
through my tears I believe,
that his ways are higher than any of my own,
and though my heart aches,
He makes no mistake

Repeat Chorus

Though I would not have chosen the suffering that has come,
I'm willing now to say,
'Lord not my will but thine be done'

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