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Who But Jesus Lyrics - Laura Story

Who but Jesus, loves the sinner?
Who but Jesus, calls him friend?
Reaches out to touch the leper
Bids the weary come to Him?

Who but Jesus, loves the lowly
Those the world has cast outside?
And with such scandalous compassion
Makes a wretch his chosen bride?

Who but Jesus, dwells among us
Called this broken world his home?
Took on flesh and pain and sorrow
Reaping what He did not sow?

With the lost He shared salvation
With the thief He shared a cross
All that we might share His riches
Who but Christ would give it all?

Who but Jesus?
Who but Jesus?

Who but Jesus, loves the sinner
Enough to give His life?
Love too pure for men to merit
Praise too glorious to deny

Praise Him now with my joy in living
As in death my comfort rests
Who but Jesus, loves this sinner
He alone is my righteousness

Who but Jesus?
Who but Jesus?
Who but Jesus?
Who but Jesus?

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