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Bread of Life Lyrics - Bukas Palad

Bread of Life Lyrics - Bukas Palad

Verse I
Whoever eats the bread of life
Will never hunger, says the Lord.
For all who eat and drink of me
Will never die but will receive
eternal life.

Verse II
No greater love is there than this:
to lay down one's life for one's friends.
I give my life, a sacrifice,
that you beloved friends be free
from sin and death.

Verse III
This bread and wine, body and blood,
will fill your hunger, quench your thirst
for love and peace, mercy and hope
that only I, the Bread of Life,
can satisfy.

Verse IV
Whoever does remain in me
And I in him will bear much fruit,
I am the vine, you are the branch.
I pray that you abide in me

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