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Love Untold Lyrics - Hangad

Love Untold - Paulo K. Tirol

“Long before the light was called forth from the darkness,
Long before the sky was carved out from the sea,
Long before a day turned into night time,
Long before creation came to be,

“Long after the mountains have fallen,
And rivers cease running to the sea,
Long after the hillsides have crumbled away,
There still my love will be,”

Says the Lord, whose love is like the thunder,
Stirs the sky, resounds with majesty.
It fills my lowly heart with wonder, the Lord’s love for me.

Love, love untold.
Love, love untold.

“Like a shepherd I will leave My flock to find you,
When your fear and shame lead you away.
Like a father, hold My arms outstretched in welcome,
Great My joy when you are found one day!

“Come to Me when you are weary.
Lay down your burdens and your loads.
Your name is etched into the palm of My hand:
Yours is My love untold,”

Says the Lord, whose love is like the ocean,
Deep and vast, boundless mystery.
Yet constant as the tides are steady, the Lord’s love for me.

By this love He came to dwell among us men,
Gave His life as ransom for our sin.
Now risen, Christ is with us ‘til the end of time.
“My love will be with you,” says the Lord.

“Have you seen Me in the sun that shines each morning?
Have you heard the ramblings of a child?
Have you felt Me in the gentle touch of rainfall?
And known the kindness in a stranger’s eyes?

“I am the joy that rings in your laughter.
Mine is the hand that soothes your pain.
I am your strength when dreams are broken and done.
I am the hope that will not fade!”

Says the Lord, whose love is like a whisper,
Blowing soft, at times escaping me.
Yet certain if I only listen, the Lord’s love for me.

Love, love untold.
Love, love untold.
Long after the mountains have fallen. (Ooh)

Music and lyrics by: Paulo K. Tirol
Album: The Easter Journey

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