Endless Mercy Lyrics - Brandon Oaks

Endless Mercy Lyrics - Brandon Oaks

Endless Mercy - Brandon Oaks

Verse 1
Can I stand at the heights
Of the love that You feel
Can I taste of your passion
And know that it’s real
When I take a step closer
And stand in your light
When I look through the fire
Of zeal in your eyes

I see endless mercy
All around me
I see kindness, kindness
It surrounds me

Verse 2
Can I see what You wrote
On the day that I failed
Can I see how Your goodness
And mercy prevailed
Let the thoughts that You think
Be the voice I believe
Be the light that I follow
The only thing I see

Flooding in from every side
Kindness I cannot deny
Jesus, You are beautiful
Overwhelming all my doubt
Perfect love defines me now
Jesus, You are beautiful

Written by: Anna Blanc, Justin Rizzo, Brandon Oaks and Sammie Lee

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